Sustainability is at the core of all that we do. It's fundamental in the long run. We continually work to change our business, our industry and society. We have gotten far, however we are a long way from done.

Here are some initiatives we are currently doing:

♻️  Mailer Bags

We use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packaging for all apparel orders. PCR plastics are made from items people recycle every day, like plastic bags and bottles.

We use polymer mailers for apparel. Poly mailers are lightweight, moisture-resistant mailers made from polyethylene film.

We are working on reducing the use of plastic in the packaging process to save the environment and avoid overpackaging while shipping items without causing any damages.

🌱  Eco-friendly Products

This product collection is growing along with the needs of our customers. Having already added 48 products between 2021-2022, we plan on launching new eco-friendly products over time. Right now we're offering Eco-friendly products ranging from Hoodies, T-shirts and Beanies 

🚚  Climate neutral shipping 

Minimize carbon footprint

Transportation used to ship orders burns fossil fuels and generates carbon emissions. Those emissions trap heat, leading to climate change.

Calculate shipping emissions

We calculate the cost to neutralize our shipping emissions by protecting forests through certified projects and partners.